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Choosing the right flowers for a September wedding

June 12, 2011
green and white wedding flowers

My DIY tablecentres of hydrangeas, mint, phlox, ammi, jasmine and roses (from my garden!)

Now that my friend Hannah’s wedding is only a few months away, I thought I’d better crack on and work out which flowers we’re going to use in her displays. We’ve made a shortlist of blooms we like the look of, but of course, lots of them aren’t in season yet. Han wants meadow flowers such as ammi (above right) mixed with cottage garden blooms and herbs such as hydrangeas and mint. She also wants a zesty green element, so I’ve suggested lady’s mantel or delicate mophead hydrangeas (above left). We’ve collected lots of white, green and shimmering metallic containers to use as informal groupings on each table, and although it’s still really rough, I was quite pleased with the result! Having a practice run has made me realise how vital roses or similarly large flowers are in creating a focal point in the main display and also how quickly ammi or dill wilts (something I definitely want to avoid!). All we’ve got to do now is work out where we’re going to order the flowers from. Not relishing a 4am trip to Covent Garden Flower Market, so we’re considering ordering from a more local wholesaler if it works out cheaper. Any tips from floral experts appreciated (please be kind about my cack-handed efforts!)

Silver jug green and white flowers wedding

A single rose and some lady's mantel displayed in a 50p jug! Who says wedding flowers had to cost the earth?

green hydrangea tablecentre wedding flowers

This unusual hydrangea variety is really delicate and pretty.

Hannah loves stocks, but sadly they're in season now – not in September.


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  1. Lovely! The cake stand design is a personal favourite of mine. I think it sits perfectly on a round table at a vintage inspired wedding. The silver with the white is beautiful too! x

  2. Love the vases and votives you chose!

  3. Louise Lowe permalink

    Beautiful Sast. The arrangements are absolutely gorgeous.

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