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My DIY flower debut – final preparations

September 12, 2011

It’s been a while since my last post, but things have been a bit hectic. Not only have I been finalising the flower order for Han’s wedding with the wholesaler (a bit of a minefield for a novice florist with no idea of pricing or quantities needed), but I’ve also been busy decorating jam jars and having a few practice runs at the larger tablecentre displays. Only a few days to go before the wedding now, so thought I’d post a few pics before writing a more detailed post. If you’re thinking about doing your own wedding flowers, I’ve got a whole host of tips to share that I’ve picked up over the last few months, so watch this space…


A display for one of the smaller tables arranged in a frosted glass dish that we picked up for £1.
I chose ‘Gletsjer’ roses for their pure-white shade, and garden mint for fragrance.

Wedding flowers containers

Hannah’s flowers are going to be displayed in a mixture of charity shop glassware and jam jars decorated with ribbon and hole-punched coloured card.

wedding jam jars

Green hydrangeas arrive, which I trim with sharp scissors, put in buckets and place outside in the rain. Hydrangeas drink through their petals, so keeping the flowerheads hydrated is essential.Green hydrangeas wedding

The ‘Ritz’ garden roses were a splurge at £1.20 per stem, but they smell incredible.Garden roses 'Ritz'

Preparing and ‘greening’ the Oasis floral foam using pittosporum from my garden.

Not bad for a first attempt…

I used leftover hydrangea florets, gypsophila and lady’s mantle to decorate a cake stand. It might end up on the ceremony table…


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  1. These look amazing! The green hydrangeas were beautiful! Well done lovely xxxx

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